Polyacrylamides and Floc Logs

APS (Applied Polymer Systems)

APS (Applied Polymer Systems) is the manufacturer of polyacrylamides. These soil specific, blend-able, organic and eco-friendly products use natural attraction to remove sediment from stormwater. Used extensively in water and wastewater treatment plants, they are the natural choice for removing sediment in run-off.

Quick notes
For the best results, submit a sample of the soil and water to Jen-Hill for analysis. For erosion, 702 and 705 powder works well. For dropping out suspended sediments 712 is recommended. For hydroseeding and using a hydroseeder to drop out suspended sediment, mix in the hydroseeder. 702 Use 2 pounds of 702 / 1000 gallons of water or 605 emulsion Use 1 quart of the 605 emulsion / 1000 gallons of water. These are quick and general notes. Consult your tech sales rep for the best results possible.
Best application is to completely mix in the hydroseeder, spray into the pond using a jet nozzle mixing well into the shallow water. If the water is deep and you can’t mix well then your water won’t be as clean. If it is a clay that swells, and it is suspended, the performance will decrease with water depth.