Liner Repair Services

Liner-Repair-ServicesJen-Hill is a full-service Liner installation and repair company. Since 1987, we’ve been installing HDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, and Geosynthetic Clay Liners(GCL) liners in TN, and a five-state area. Additionally, we service the liners manufactured or installed by others. Our liner construction and repair manager is David Hines. He is a highly trained professional and manages a group of excellent technicians. Jen-Hill has laid over 10 mil square feet of liner and serviced or maintained close to that amount.

Our Liner Repair Services Include:

  • Prep and Submittal of Shop Dwgs and Samples (if required)
  • All Required Geosynthetic Materials
  • All Field Supervision and labor req for repairs or installation
  • Project Management
  • 100 % Non-Destructive testing of repairs and field seams
  • Daily inspection and recommendations on subgrade surfaces
  • Manufacturer’s standard (2) yr warranty against defects in liner only
  • Jen-Hill Standard (1) yr warranty for workmanship
  • Current commercial wage labor (any change would be passed on)


  • Prep/Maintenance/De-watering of subgrade (can bid as a separate item)
  • Excavation/backfilling of anchor trenches (can bid as separate item)
  • Concrete or pipe work (other than vents)
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Dust Control
  • Sanitation Facilities
  • Independent Laboratory Testing (can bid as separate item)
  • Loader or Lull provided by others (can be bid as separate item)
  • Unloading and storage of materials prior to mobilization (can be bid)
  • Disposal of Scrap and Waste (requires a trash dumpster)
  • Sand for sand bags (furnish 1 small dump truck load of sand for most projects)
  • Jen-Hill will not accept contracts requiring retainage
  • Permits, License, and Fees (Contractor’s License is included)
  • Exposing, cleaning and maintaining all existing tie-in locations in a condition suitable for welding
  • Access to and around lined area must be adequate for deployment purposes

We look forward to helping with your current and next project