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Placing Geogrid at Airport

Jen-Hill provided the first geogrid installed in TN at the Leewood Railroad Yard. We followed that up by providing geogrid for the 1992 Airport expansion to create the American Airlines hub and expand the runways (Runway 2C, and Runway 13). The expansion ran into problems crossing an old landfill. Jen-Hill provided the solutions to the airport engineers with the geogrid and installation assistance.

Today, geogrids are used everyday by developers, builders, cities, counties, airports, and anyone who requires stability and load strength improvement with their soils. It would be uncommon not to see geotextiles, geogrids, and geomembranes on a large percentage of projects, large and small.


In 1987, a precursor to Jen-Hill sold the 1st Tensar geogrid sold in TN for the CSX Leewood railroad yard.