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North American Green® Vmax® Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats

  • North American Green® Vmax® Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats
  • The Vmax permanent turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are ideal for high-flow channels, streambanks, shorelines and other areas needing permanent erosion control and vegetation reinforcement from water and wind.
  • Patented high-strength design aids in immediate erosion control and permanent vegetation establishments – resulting in less risk of failures!
  • High Shear Stress Performance – can be used in extreme applications at substantially lower cost than hard armored solutions

Available as:

  • Composite-TRM using a fiber matrix with permanent netting structure SC250®, C350®, P550®
  • High-Performance TRMs using a high-tensile woven structure W3000TM & TMaxTM

North American Green® Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets (ECBs) immediately prevent erosion and help vegetation get established then degrade. ECBs are available in a range of performance and longevity types to accommodate low- to high-flow channels and moderate to severe slopes.

  • Immediate protection of topsoil and seed from wind and water erosion
  • Supports quick, healthy vegetative growth

Available in:
EroNetTM photodegradable netting , BioNet® all-natural jute net options, & Straw, Coconut or blend options for longevities ranging from 45 days up to 36 months

Temporary Straw Matting

In 1992 we advised TDOT to abandon single-net matting in favor of dbl-net. The reasons were simple; very little cost difference, much better stability, less installation trauma, and easier to install. They quickly joined the movement and Type II matting (dbl net straw) was off to the races

Pre-seeded Matting

Jen-Hill sold one of the 1st applications using pre-seeded matting. Our sales representative was working with Bechtel National Petroleum during the construction of the gasohol plant in Franklin KY. The Bechtel Supr referred him to the Supr on the Love Canal clean up. Jen-Hill provided the pre-seeded matting and assisted the contractor with a special installation methodology.
Pre-seeded matting hasn’t produced the best results. It can spontaneously germinate with moisture present and seed requires intimate contact with soil to establish early roots. Pre-seeded matting is no longer manufactured by North American Green.

Explanation of types of matting

Temporary Straw Matting comes with special nettings depending on the application.

Ultra short-term double net erosion control blanket DS, has a netting that is treated to degrade within 60 days. It’s perfect for a yard where grass will be established quickly and close maintenance is required. It won’t wrap around your mower.

All Tensar/North American Green matting that has a BN suffix is 100% biodegradable woven natural organic fiber netting. It is people and animal friendly. BN was developed for streambanks and wetlands but is the proper selection for any location where wildlife might be trapped in standard synthetic netting.

There are 17 different matting configurations manufactured by Tensar/North American Green. Please see the Rolled Erosion Control Systems Brochure to determine which mat is applicable to your installation.

Permanent Turf Reinforcement (Composite-TRMs)

Temporary Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs)

Temporary Straw Matting

Biodegradable Matting