Hydraulic Mulches & Soil Additives


Spec Sheets and Brochures

Engineering – Design – Submittal

Jen-Hill inventories a variety of mulches and soil additives for erosion control and grass growing applications.  As a distributor for LSC Environmental, Jen-Hill has a product to fit the needs for all types of hydroseeding applications including commercial developments, TDOT jobs, airports, landfills, and site remediation projects.

Specification and Application Information:

  • MesicTM Wood Mulch:  Outperforms paper and straw products as a versatile base mulch that stabilizes soil, prevents wind and water erosion.
  • EarthGuard Fiber MatrixTM:  Commonly used as an alternative to straw blankets, EarthGuard Fiber MatrixTM combines a superior soil stabilizer and wood fiber into a mulch bale for easy installation.  EarthGuard Fiber MatrixTM has been NTPEP tested and is TDOT approved.
  • EdgeTM EarthGuard Pellets:  EdgeTM Pellets are compact making it simple to transport, and handle.  EdgeTM can be applied hydraulically or dry.  Applying the material dry eliminates the need for water, concerns of cold weather installations, and site access problems.  EdgeTM expands on contact with dew or rainfall, spreading both the fiber and EarthGuard patented soil stabilizer.
  • OrganixTM:  OrganixTM is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA).  OrganixTM adds natural growth mediums and microbial growth stimulators to depleted topsoil.  Using OrganixTM eliminates the costly and time-consuming practice of hauling truckloads of replacement soil. 
  • FusionTM:  FusionTM is a complete topsoil replacement and soil building erosion control solution, combining two proven products.  FusionTM combines the proven erosion control protection of EarthGuard Fiber MatrixTM with the topsoil replacement and soil building attributes of OrganixTM.