HECP’s (Hydraulic Erosion Control Products)

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North American Green® HydraMaxTM Hydraulic Erosion Control Mulch

HydraMax Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs) apply seed, soil amendments, and hydraulic mulch in one step, offering a low-cost, low-labor erosion control solution on slopes. HydraMax HECPs are made with a patented proprietary blend of straw, reclaimed cotton plant material and tackifiers to ease application, enhance adhesion, retain moisture, and stabilize soils.

  • Low water-to-mulch ratio that increases productivity by requiring fewer tank loads per site
  • Contains only biodegradable, non-synthetic fibers and is non-toxic per EPA guidelines
  • Has been shown to be up to 99.99% effective at controlling soil loss on slopes
  • Grows grass quickly with increased germination and biomass production

Available in:

  • High performance mulch: HydraCX and HydraCM for use on steep slope gradients 3:1 (H:V) up to 0.5:1 (H:V)
  • Standard mulch blends: HydraGT and HydraGS for moderate slope lengths and grades