Flume Filters

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Flume Filters

The bottom perimeter can be fitted with a media boom for enhanced hydrocarbon and TSS removal.

This filter is perfect for pre-treatment especially when used with bioswales, bioretention systems, infiltration, basins, and detention basins.

Placein-line with the BMP in a channel or culvert. It will remove pollutants that cause clogging. Maintenance will be significantly reduced and the life of bioretention systems will be extended.


Trash & Debris Screen for Flume Channels

The Flume Filter® is a stormwater pollution control device that captures significant volumes of trash, organics, and hydrocarbons. The basket is removed to dispose of captured debris.
The filtration system is equipped with an upper coarse screen and a bottom finer screen to caoture varying particle sizes.


  • Blends into surrounding landscape
  • Easy to install and service
  • Prevents debris from entering BMP’s.
Applicable towards LEED Credit: 6.2 ​Stormwater Design, Quality Control