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The GEOBLOCK® Vegetated Porous Pavement System
is a series of high-strength pavers that protect turf and distribute loads for drivable grass pavements that are natural and stormwater friendly, Permeable pavements is a critical element in the equation for a successful q in all developments or expansions, not just LIDs. Residential, commercial, and industrial can benefit from permeable pavements that are successful, sustainable, and monitorable.

Advantages & Features:

  • requires less base for the same performance as many industry pavers.
  • rigid design has industry’s highest flexural modulus.
  • high resistance to movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads.
  • distributes vehicle loads up to H-20 loadings with proper base.

Carson Newman University

Carson-Newman University wanted green space, divided sidewalks, and the reduction in stormwater runoff from a major hill access to one of their most popular areas. They also needed access for emergency vehicles. The solution was Geoblock II Vegetated Porous Pavement System.

St George Green Orthodox Church

Cedar Spgs Church

Cedar Spgs Church is a porous pavement proj in Knoxville, TN and a Presto Case Study. The overflow parking area works overtime every day of the week. The church is also a K-5 school. Submitted to: The (ACEC) American Council of Engineering Companies for 2011 Engineering Excellence Awards. All photos J-H Cedar Spgs

Sevierville Events Center

Athens Green Parking

Ft Campbell Military Base