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Water quality and quantity improvement.
Reduce Stormwater Runoff: Conserve Resources: Earn LEED credits Reducing Heat Island Effect LID GI

3rd party testing (25-yr 8.4 in/hr.) in FL storm shows phosphorus and nitrogen reduced by 33% (much higher in TN). Ask us why?
Compressive strength 1,160 psi, flexural strength 508 psi. Stronger than porous asphalt, more flexible than pervious concrete.
Sustainable void space. Porosity is 39%. The highest percentage of any material and 2x pervious concrete. BASF’s polyurethane base along with recycled post-consumer glass (90 bottles /ft2 is green, GI (Green Infrastructure Green) and TGI (coined here for True Green Infrastructure). How is that? There are no plants! Yes there are. The BASF pavement binder contains 60% natural plant-based resin

Do I get LEED Credits: Sustainable Sites?
Yes you do!
Credit 5.1 – Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat (1 point)
Credit 6.1 – Stormwater Design: Quantity Control (1 point)
Credit 6.2: – Stormwater Design: Quality Control (1 point)
Credit 7.1 – Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof (1 point)